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For most Institut Pascal programs, the cost of accommodation for invited participants is covered by the program’s budget.

Please be sure to consult your Program Manager to find out what accommodation expenses and options have been agreed to by your program’s organisers.

The usual procedure is that you will indicate your accommodation preferences while registering for a program via Indico. You will then be contacted by your Program Manager who will inform you of whether the option is available.

Accomodation booked by the Institut Pascal

We can book a room for you in one of the both hotels we are working with situated at a walking distance from the Pascal Institute:




Self-booked accomodation

You can book and pay for the accommodation of your choice. We accept reservations made on Paris and using Air B&B website. However, please consider we will reimburse you up to 100 euros/night.

The reimbursement of expenses will be processed after the completion of the programYou must complete and submit this form provided by the Program Manager, accompanied by the relevant documentation.