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Useful links and information

Below you can find some useful information in order to prepare your visit or to better enjoy your staying at the Institut Pascal.

A guide for program participants is available for download here. This document contains all the practical information you may need and answer to the majority of participants' questions. 

Institut Pascal’s reimbursement criteria and procedures

If your application for financial travel support has already been approved, you may apply for reimbursement. You must complete and submit this form

provided by the Program Manager, accompanied by the relevant documentation.

The reimbursement of expenses will be processed after the completion of the program. In order to reduce the deadline for your reimbursement, we ask you to provide the requested documents as soon as possible, without exceeding 10 days after the end of the program.

Institut Pascal does not provide any payment advancements for travel,  accommodation or other expenses.

Please note that only personal expenses (meaning made by you on your personal bank account) can be reimbursed. Expenses paid by your institution or a third party are not eligible.

Please also note that for deposits into foreign accounts there may be a difference in exchange rates and extra fees may be applied by the bank. The accounting rules applying to Institut Pascal make it impossible for us to reimburse any of these extra fees.

Feedback from participants

Immediately after a program has ended, every invited attendee will receive a feedback survey via email, which they can complete anonymously.

About one year after, another survey will normally be sent by the scientific organiser in order to assess how the program has impacted your research field and yielded fruitful outcomes (such as new collaborations, published articles, new research projects, fundings secured, etc.). Not only do we believe that this survey will be interesting for the community involved in the program, but it will also be very useful to our Institute when defending its actions to its stakeholders and decision-makers.

In order to stress to our funding institutions the benefits of the programs held at our institute, the following acknowledgment must appear in all publications that resulted from your program or its collaborations:

"This work was made possible by Institut Pascal at Université Paris-Saclay with the support of the program “Investissements d’avenir” ANR-11-IDEX-0003-01 ".


Access to the building

During thematic programs, the door of the main entrance of the Pascal building will generally be open between 9:00am and 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. However, if you need to access the building outside of these ‘access hours’, please see your program manager or scientific organiser as they will make arrangements for you.

Catering and social events

For all thematic programs, the Institut Pascal Program Managers take care of the reservations and planning of lunch catering, social drinks and one conference dinner per week.

Lunch is at the canteen, except once a week when participants enjoy a buffet lunch at the Institute. Every week two other events are planned: a social drinks in the late afternoon and a social dinner. What is described corresponds to the typical organisation of a generic program, but small, or not so small, variations may apply to your particular program.

On site communications

Institut Pascal uses the well-known tool called 'Slack' to aid the ease and efficiency of communications between all participants during a program.

Slack enables all program attendees to share and discuss their slides, scientific articles/papers, and other important media. IPa also use Slack to inform participants about group outings, and to conduct polls to obtain RSVPs for social events.

Your IPa Program Manager will invite you (via email) to join the Slack group for your program. You simply have to click on the link in the email to join the group.

To download Slack please click here.

Electric bikes

The Institute has recently develop an electric bike service. A limited number of bikes are available for the interested participants. Please contact your Program Manager to further information. 


Please visit the website of Paris-Saclay Tourist Information Office if you want to learn more about the region and find out about activities and events nearby. You can also get in touch with the office directly for additional information.

Alternatively, the proximity to Paris, easily reachable with public transports, allows to visit the city day and night.


Multiple sports facilities are present in the area. In the city of Orsay you can find a swimming pool, tennis fields, gyms, etc. Please ask to your Program Manager if you need more information. 


If you are the first witness to any type emergency, crime or very dangerous situation or if you need medical assistance, the number to call is 112.

The building is fitted with fire extinguishers and fire escapes, and there are two First Aid Kits available on site.