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Proposal submissions

Our call for proposals is now open. Deadline for submission: 21 November 2022 !


Institut Pascal (IPa) facilitates thematic programs to have scientific communities meet, explore pioneering ideas and establish new collaborations. The spirit of the IPa initiative is to host programs of long durations (typically from 3 weeks to a trimester), allowing researchers to devote the necessary time and energy to particularly important challenges. These programs should favor brainstorming that leads to innovative advancements. Hence, Institut Pascal encourages programs that dedicate large slots of time to interactions of small to medium-size groups of researchers.

The IPa provides this facilitation, welcoming all of Université Paris-Saclay’s laboratories and their partners. The institute supports programs attracting scientists and students from all over the world and can host up to 60 (inter)national visitors in excellent conditions, having 26 offices dedicated to this end and multiple lecture rooms for plenary meetings.

Scientific Themes

The thematic programs may fall within any of the scientific fields covered by the Université Paris-Saclay, be they theoretical or experimental. They include for instance Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Climate Science, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. Proposals with a component in the humanities or social sciences are also welcome.


The IPa Scientific Council, consisting of internationally recognized scientists, will evaluate the program proposals based on:

  • Scientific importance of the topic, timeliness, intellectual challenges
  • Recognized leadership of the program organizers and participants
  • Overlap with the research activities carried out in the Paris-Saclay region
  • Size of the community in Ile-de-France area that the program can attract.


Taking into account the current pandemic and the requirements of research decarbonation, IPa has acquired a state of the art equipment for distant communication, including videoconferencing with an amphitheater and formal and informal virtual meeting rooms. Program organizers are requested to consider this equipment in their proposal, and thus not invite on site participants for less than 2 weeks.

Once a program has been accepted, the IPa board discusses with the scientific organizers how the institute can best provide its support.

The IPa will take care of accommodation bookings nearby, in consultation with the individual participants.

The scientific organizers of programs are in charge of scheduling seminars, lectures, tutorials and brainstorming sessions. These events will form the core of each program but in addition to this, the coordinators are encouraged to include at least a one-week or more workshop or conference.



The Institut Pascal strives to ensure significant support (reimbursement of travel expenses, accommodation costs, and lunches for invited participants and organizers) to a core of selected programs.

To benefit from this support, each participant is expected to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks. There can be some flexibility to this rule, but the scope and justification for waiving this requirement should be clearly explained in the proposal.

Institut Pascal highly encourages scientific organizers to explore additional sources of funding as well. The amount of the expected additional source of funding, and its usage, should be included in the proposal.

In the case of self-funded programs, the organizers are requested to approach the IPa board to discuss the modalities of organization and distribution of tasks, prior to the evaluation of the proposal by the Scientific Council.

Proposal should be sent in single PDF-format to: Thank you.